Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – H.O.P.E. Graffiti Wall – Austin TX

Street art is one of my favorite things. Not just the art, but the whole idea of it. These unknown artists come out of the woodwork, under the cover of night, to transform abandoned areas into art galleries. They aren’t looking for fame and most likely would rather be forgotten. It seems like a breath of fresh air from todays need to be known by everyone.scene00101scene00251

Enter HOPE and their Graffiti wall in Austin Tx.

After a failed  building attempt left the Baylor Street hillside studded with copious slabs of blank cement. Soon, graffiti artists from all over the city began spraying and tagging there, nicknaming it “The Foundation.”

This drew the attention of HOPE, a nonprofit production group that connects creative people with various social causes. With the permission of the property-owners, HOPE removed decades of weeds and debris, and rechristened the space. In 2011, they opened to the public for spraying and mural-painting.

In 2017 the property was sold, but it is currently being moved to a new location down the street with many of the current pieces being preserved.


Closest Supercharger (2019 Location)