Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – St Simmons Island GA

I could feel the eyes watching me from the trees, an ever present gaze over my shoulder. It almost seemed as if the trees were filled with elves. “Spirits” is what the locals call them and they are scattered in areas throughout the island, faces carved in the knots of trees. Finding them can be a scavenger hunt of sorts, giving meaning to a cloudy day and although I wasn’t on a mission to find all. of them, I did want to use them as a reason to explore.

The first one I found was located near the city park, nestled inside of the parking lot. Baseball fields surrounded the playgrounds and children ran around laughing. It was such a different atmosphere from the one I had been in for the past couple of months and had only started seeing smiles on faces recently. What a change that makes on the energy of a place. This isn’t a comment on the efficiency of masks, simply an acknowledgment that we have evolved to socially communicate through facial expressions and once again having the ability to do that really made me happy. Continue reading “Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – St Simmons Island GA”