Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Clyde’s Critter Crossing – NC

Tucked away about 30 mi outside of Raleigh, in the small town of Pittsboro, lies a street filled with whimsey, formed by a man and his chainsaw. One of the “folk art meccas” of the nation, Clydes Critter Crossing is a sight to see.scene00101 copyscene00101

Taking found or donated wood, artist Clyde Jones hacks joints to form ears, tails, eyes, limbs, and everything in between. Sometimes adding a coat of paint, but often simply leaving his critters with their natural bark hides, the finished beasts get displayed all across Jones’ front lawn or donated to the select people of Jones’ choosing.scene00201scene00301 copy

You may think his neighbors get upset about the unique art, but the entire town has embraced Jones and many lawns and local businesses are adorned with his art.scene00301scene00401 copy

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