Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Bearizona – Williams AZ

It’s about 9am. I’m in the desert, but it was cold enough to have a thin layer of frost on the ground. All the sudden, an enormous white wolf blocks my path, staring me down as if it is in a game of chicken. As I try to slowly pass it by, I hope it won’t jump on my car. It barley moves aside for me. It seems to be confused by the fact that the car isn’t making any noise. I pass it and start to speed up, happy to get away, and it starts to chase me.IMG_1958

Welcome to Bearizona!

Bearizona is like a drive through zoo, and depending how you feel about keeping animals in captivity, you’ll either love it or hate it. I personally loved it.

It consists of fenced off sections for each animal, each with a different amount of acreage depending on the species, but it seems as if none of them lack for space.IMG_1967IMG_1984

You are able to drive through each habitat as many times as you like. You might see the animals, you might not. They are on their own schedule so the most guaranteed time to see them is feeding time right when they open or right before they close. IMG_1990IMG_1997

After you drive through the habitats a couple times, there is an area that is more like a traditional zoo with small animas such as foxes and jaguars. Peacocks roam the grounds and birds of prey fly around freely. Dogs are not allowed as the birds may attack them.


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