Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Alexandria and Minnesota Backroads

It had been three months of lockdown and I was going stir crazy. Who knew that Covid-19 would shut down the world like it had. What I had planned to be a welcome month of catching up on writing had continuously been extended over and over. I was at my whits end and I decided to start testing the waters of traveling again. I would be alone, I would stay away from people, and I would maintain a schedule keeping me away therefor not spreading the virus in the chance that I got it. Over the last couple of months, the first Superchargers had opened up in North Dakota, completing the contiguous states. I had been there the past winter, exploring in -20°F, but now it was ready to really explore without range anxiety. First, I wanted to stop and see the new Supercharger station in Alexandria MN.

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