Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – 2021 Presidential Inauguration – Washington DC

A crisp breeze bit at my neck as I walked down the empty street. All life seemed to have been pushed indoors besides the various groups of law enforcement that dotted each corner. I couldn’t tell how normalized this scene was as I hadn’t been to the city for almost two years. Was this consistent with the last couple of months due to Coronavirus, or was it a new sense of authoritarianism brought on by the “insurrection” at the capital a couple of weeks previously. From what I knew, I leaned towards the latter choice, but I couldn’t say for sure. My information had all come through third parties and therefore gone through the inevitable game of telephone distorting the true picture.

A grey haze covered the sky, only adding to the somber atmosphere. It seemed as if the mother nature had sensed the tension society was going through and had responded with weather that fit accordingly. I was strangely thankful for the mask mandate. Normally, I would be caught unprepared for wind like this but today I had a mask to wear and warm my face. Isn’t funny how positivity can be found in the most unlikely places? I have disliked wearing masks for this past year even though I saw the necessity. Today though, I was thankful. Continue reading “Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – 2021 Presidential Inauguration – Washington DC”