Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Mississippi Petrified Forest – Flora MS

While driving, I tried to think about the journey of a petrified log. Let’s pretend there is a spirit that stays with this log forever. At one point, you were a tree. You lived a life spanning hundreds of years and watched the world evolve around you. Eventually, you lay down and die. Over the years, rains and weather erode your surroundings, rivers are formed, and you are carried away. One day you stop. Maybe you get washed up on shore. Maybe you get stuck in some mud. No matter how, you eventually get covered by dirt for such a long time that you turn to stone. And there you wait until some other miracle unearths you hundreds of years later. Who knows where you ended up. Surely hundreds of miles away from where you started. If you’re lucky though you’ll find some friends that came along with you for the ride. Today, I found myself hanging out with a group of those “friends throughout time” that ended up in Mississippi.

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