Maiden Voyage is…

Is the advent of electronic vehicles upon us?

Can one fully explore the United States of America in a Tesla without worrying about running out of fuel?

Can a producer, using samples from his journeys, and sound design through modern audio technology, create a fully functional library of instruments to document his travels with?

Welcome to Maiden Voyage.

Join Arthur Driessen while he attempts to push the Tesla Supercharger Network to its limits and tries to answer these questions.

Equipped with his Tesla Model 3, a Sony PCM-d100, an iPhone, a Canon Eos-RP, a MacBook and Ableton Live, Arthur tries his best to go as faraway from a supercharger as possible, and documents it for you.

Each state is broken down to individual superchargers. Each charger links to              activities around the charging network, forming a database ready for EV utilization.


All charging is done via an on the road charger.

The EV revolution is here.