A Road-Tripper’s Guide to the Supercharger Network

So you want to go on a road trip…

You just bought a Tesla and you heard that there aren’t many chargers on the road. You’ve never left the 50 mi bubble of your town but Aunt Petunia up in Kalispell, MT has a cabin on a lake you’ve been dying to visit. Can you make it? For the first time you’re experiencing the dreaded “Range Anxiety”. The good news is… you’re in luck! Most areas are accessible via the Supercharger Network and the few that aren’t have the ability to level two charge close enough.

Over the last three and a half years of owning my Model 3 I have been on a perpetual road trip racking up about 184,000 miles. You could probably say that I have seen most of the issues that come up and luckily, they have been minimal. I’ve never run out of charge and there are only a couple of times that I was really worried about if I would “make it”. With that experience I don’t really plan things out and my level of worry is low. This fall though, I have a fishing trip scheduled up on a lake in Ontario, Canada which has me feeling that tingle of anxiety. Let’s go through my process of planning.

The Tesla Nav tells me where I will need to charge.

Plan your route

I’ve got my destination so the first step is done. Next would be to lock it into the Tesla Navigation to see what the car thinks the best route is. Upon doing this, it tells me that I have a 54.5 hour drive ahead of me and I will arrive with 11%. So far it looks like no problem.
Never one to take things at face value, I always double check the Tesla route with other platforms.