Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Muir Woods – Mill Valley CA

Muir Woods is the gem of the San Francisco area. It is sure to bring a sheer sense of wonder when visited and offers a glimpse into “what was”.

One would start their day in a concrete jungle. Trees would be all but absent. The smog generated by millions of vehicles clouds the air, invading their lungs with every breath. Any large body of water close enough to be visited seems astoundingly beautiful from a distance but upon arrival the muggy, green sheen that lies over the surface tells the true story, one of human led destruction and pollution.

Not an hour north, they would be greeted by a forest of coastal redwoods sure to take their breath away. Towering buildings are replaced with trees equal in scale. Suddenly, a blatant reminder of how small we are fills every centimeter in view. There is no way to ignore the feeling of humility that takes over as they traverse the trails that push through the seemingly endless woodlands. All thoughts of the city are lost immediately, leaving only wonder behind.

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