Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Bayport Park – Spring Hill FL

Dreams of mermaids danced through my head as bare Redbuds hugged the highway. I had escaped the inner woods of the state and was looking forward to getting back to the coast. I had heard rumors of underwater shows with dancing swimmers that had entertained the locals for decades and I was headed to to see if there was any truth to this outrageous sounding story. Unfortunately, I ran into the (now well learned) obstacle of Covid related shutdowns and a wrench had been thrown in my plans. Left up to my own devices, I needed to find a way to not waste the afternoon.

Oftentimes, I find that aimlessly driving seems to be the best remedy for an absence of a plan. I passed a random road and was immediately struck by a feeling so inviting, that I couldn’t help but feel compelled to follow it into the unknown.

Before I knew it, I pulled into a bay front parking lot, filled with picnicking locals and children running around to their hearts content. A calm blanket of serenity seemed to cover the entire atmosphere as the sound of laughing children reverberated in to the noise of the crashing waves, joining into a wall of sound that would make Phil Specter jealous.

Grassy islands dotted the bay and waterfowl traversed the skies. Grey clouds billowed overhead, teasing a bit of rain in the near future. This provided a perfect overcast light over the entire park that whet my appetite for taking pictures quite fiercely. I opened my frunk to grab my gear and was surprised to hear an offer for help that when in rural areas, seems quite common.

Something wrong with your car?

I chuckled to myself as the words entered my ears. There seems to be three levels of curiosity that develops when people see a frunk accessed for the first time. In a city, a person usually will stare while they walk by, an amazed look on their face. In towns, someone might ask in a bewildered manner, Is that storage in your hood?

But in rural areas, where generations of hipsters consider there to be nothing more than white trash, comes an offer of help. It will always be someone that a younger me would judge more than I should. I will turn and be greeted with a smile and an honest gesture of good will.

Thank you. This is storage up here. I really appreciate it though.

And now I have made a new friend and curiosity about the Tesla has been engaged. After 30 min of conversation, I wonder what stories these people tell their friends and a smile grows over my face.

I walk along a dock to watch the local kids fishing. One starts to yell as his line becomes tight.

I got something! Get the net! he yells to his friends as he pulls up a crab hanging to his bait.

Wait! That guys taking pictures! Did you get your shot? The crab falls back into the ocean. We can get another one if you want us to! they yelled excitedly.

Thanks kids but I got the shot. and I move further on to watch a war between seagulls, fighting for the best pole to sit on.

I walked back and forth for a few hours, clicking away and talking to everyone that offered a smile, which seemed to be most people. As the clouds started to weep, I couldn’t hold back an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction.

A few hours previously, this afternoon wasn’t even a plan existing in my mind and now an overwhelming felling of content filled my being.

The chaos of broken plans will always lead to something better. The world will always offer something more to satisfy you. We just need to be open to receiving it.

Closest Supercharger Land-O-Lakes FL
25155 Maren Way, Lutz, FL 33559

Bayport Park
4140 Cortez Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34607