Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Helens Bridge/Burton Street Community Peace Gardens – Asheville NC


It’s something I don’t think about too often when I’m on the road. Most of the time, the solitude of the road takes over and besides my little sister, who is the best friend anyone could dream of asking for, these people that are related to me are the furthest thing from my mind. Today though, I was in Asheville for Christmas visiting my family and I was able to not just hang with my BFF, but I also got to play the role of “cool uncle with a Tesla”.

Sign me up.

First stop on our adventure was Hellens Bridge, a local haunted spot and a favorite place in town of my eleven year old niece Emmette.

Overlooking a mountain road and leading to private property, there wasn’t too much to see but E was eager to tell us the tale.

As Emmett told it, years ago, Hellen had a daughter who had died in a fire and because of that, she was very sad. Who wouldn’t be right? She was so sad though, that she hung herself off of the bridge and still haunts it to this day. 

What a tragic story. Hearing it from an eleven year old made it seem even more sad for some reason. We didn’t see Helen but as we got to the car, I let E get in first so I could play with the “Summon” feature. All of a sudden she thought that Helen had got in the car a started to drive! It was amazing.

Score one for the Tesla.

The other stop I wanted to check out was the Burton Street Community Peace Garden, a unique gem of a sculpture park hidden in a local neighborhood.

Originally intended as a peaceful response to the war on drugs and the war in Iraq, the garden took a abandoned lot full of empty 40oz bottles and transformed it into a pillar of the local community where everyone can come together and grow as one.

Trash from the area is repurposed as a medium for sculptures and old toys dry out in the sun. Vegetables grow for neighbors to use and tributes to pillars of black culture adorn the paths. It really is a beautiful little area.

We spent some time walking about and taking it all it. Emmette didn’t seem to want to let me know how cool she thought it all was but I could see her stop and get enamored by the smallest details. Children always have a way to remind us of that sense of wonder we seem to loose and remembering that is precious.

Before we went home, we had one more thing to do and that was have a round of Caroke, Tesla’s Karaoke program in the car! I had never had any reason to use it but having the two girls with me was a reason for us to hang out and sing “Let it Go” to our hearts content.

Score two for Tesla.

As we arrived back at my parents house, I couldn’t help but be thankful for the opportunity to let these two into my voyage for a day. Seeing their excitement excited me and gave another lawyer of meaning to the adventure. As I am traveling weeks from now, I am sure to look back on this day to ease a somber sense of loneliness and that is a gift I will always cherish.

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Helens Bridge

201 Beaucatcher Rd, Asheville, NC 28805

Burton Street Community Garden

Burton St, Asheville, NC 28806