Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Art Ally – Rapid City SD

The smell… it wafts through the air into your nose, a mixture of souring garbage and hamburgers. A reminder that no matter what adorns the walls, it is still an ally.

A baby Yoda keeps watch, joined by a few friends. An angry monkey, Slimer, a bubble blowing girl.

The entire scene is a bit comical, a hodgepodge of artists works slammed together to make one urban art gallery.

And you can’t get much more urban than this.

Some of the art is impressive, drawing me in from my meandering, asking me to stop for a moment to take it in. Some of it is run of the mill graffiti, a message from the dregs of rapid city that they will never let go.

Impressive, it definitely is. Not just the fact that this small city in South Dakota has embraced this medium, but that the quality matches that of Wyndham Walls even though funding I’m sure is far less.

That’s one thing that always causes me to ponder about art… what is it’s value. What is it’s worth.

“That’s really beautiful” I hear an older woman walking by exclaim. I’m surprised and reminded to never judge a book by its cover.

Is it simply the elite trying to tell others how righteous they are? Or is it the voice of the people rising up, demanding to be heard?

I ponder these questions as I walk through, seemingly never to find an answer.

“Everything will be ok” I am reminded.

Why yes it will be, especially in art ally in Rapid city

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Art Alley

599 7th St, Rapid City, SD 57701