Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Hardware 2.5 vs Hardware 3

Hello Everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick!)

Today I’m taking a break from my travel posts to update you on my Hardware 3 install. As you may know, when the Model 3 was initially released, the H3 Full Self Driving Computer chip was not being installed, instead having the older H2.5 chip. Being a VIN < 12000, my car was subject to this. I was able to take some time during this pandemic lockdown to get my car upgraded (free of charge as I paid for Full Self Driving).

The first thing I did once I got my car back was go out to test Smart Summon and I was thoroughly impressed by the improvements the new chip made. Every decision the car made while driving itself seemed smoother and more intuitive. Finally, Smart Summon may not be the party trick it was and may be able to be used on a regular basis. It might still be a little faster to walk to your car but what fun is that!

Above, I made a comparison video of the two chips operating Smart Summon so you can see the improvements. Enjoy!

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