Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Q: How Does One Change A Tesla Skeptics Mind? A: Give Them a Test Drive

“He’s a Musketeer!” Ben shouted.

Was I? I had to stop and think for a second about the claim. I certainly was a Tesla Fanboi. I had driven 130k miles in one and would never think about getting another car. But a Musketeer? I wasn’t quite sure, having been a bit critical of the Tesla community for deifying him in some instances. I had to stop for a second and wrestle with this claim.

Ben was my cousins husband and was locking down next door to me for a couple months while the Covid was shutting down the country. A true Bostonian he was, with everything that entails, checking off every box you could think of. Lawyer by day, new father by night, I had thoroughly been enjoying our conversations which would inevitably end up about Tesla to some extent. That’s the story of my life though and I’m sure most Tesla owners can empathize. I needed to get him inside of the car but I had taken the opportunity of lockdown to get some body work done so the car was nowhere near.

I offered a drive for as soon as my car returned and he gratefully accepted. Little did I know, my car would take two months to get the work done. Covid had shut down most of the supply chain and getting parts was not nearly as feasible as I had thought. Every week when we would run into each other Ben would ask.

“Where’s the Tesla?!” he would yell across the yard. Each week I had another sad update of “hopefully soon” and I felt like him seeing me so clueless of a return was sealing a fate of doom for him becoming “one of us”.

Finally I got the car back and I immediately started searching for him.

“When are you ditching the baby and driving the car?!” I eagerly asked.

I wouldn’t have to wait long as a couple days later, I had him in the drivers seat.

What happened? If you own a Tesla you already know how this story goes. As soon as he hit the accelerator he was in love. I wasn’t going to let him off without experiencing the whole deal though. We set off on a 30 mile loop through backroads and forests, along lakes and highways, pushing the car from 0-90 and back again over and over. When I put on Autopilot, he laughed like a child. I’m laughing now just because I know that feeling and it was a joy to see it in someone else.

When we finally got back, he got out telling me he wanted one.

I know you do. There isn’t any way you couldn’t. Who’s the Musketeer now?


Find the drives highlights in the video above.


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