Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – San Luis Reservoir – CA


Have I told you how much I love California in the spring? I’m pretty sure I’ve started my last three or four posts talking about that sentiment. That doesn’t take away from its validity though! Today I was in for an extra special treat as I was driving through the middle of this awesome state. I had spent the morning hiking at Pinnacles National Park and I was headed to Sacramento. I didn’t really have a destination in mind, I was too fascinated with the drive. The landscape had been rolling green hills and wildflowers for miles. Autopilot had control and I was in heaven. Suddenly, a royal blue hue joined the horizon and I was surprised to see water. Where was I? Figuring that this would be the perfect place for some drone footage, I pulled off onto a random road and ended up at an entrance station. And that’s how I found out about the San Luis Reservoir.


I drove down a small road and was astounded by the array of colors that surrounded me. Fields of green mixed with cliffs of gold. This seasons California Poppies were starting to bloom and the vibrant orange flowers dazzled senses. I parked at a dock that was completely empty. Covid had shut down most traveling but parks were still open. Most people were choosing to stay inside. Better for me. I had this entire wonderland to myself. I walked up and down the shore clicking away until I saw another car pull up. An older gentleman stepped out and started yelling over at me trying to say hello. “Sure, I’m up for some conversation.” I thought to myself. Apparently he had seen me from a distance and noticed the lens on my camera. Lucky me, as he was a fellow photographer that had noticed a Red Tailed Hawk flying over a nearby hill but lacked a lens big enough to get any shots. Allowing me to use his monopod, we walked over and hung out while this beautiful bird graced us with its presence.


Time for some drone footage. I headed off down a dirt road up into the hills. I was excited to be able to get it up over here as the lack of people would allow me to be a little bit more aggressive with the shots I would get, allowing the drone to follow me as I drove at slower speeds. I drove loop after loop, trying to get as many angles as I could in the time that I had battery life for. It got lower and lower, but these shots were just too good. Finally, I started to bring it back as I only had a minute until it would power down. All of the sudden an emergency return to home feature kicked in with the intention to get back to me before death. The only problem was that since I had been having the drone follow me while driving, “home” was way over where I started. By the time I was able to cancel the command, the drone was landing in the middle of a field of three foot high grass the size of a few football fields. “It’s gone.” I thought to myself depressingly.


I decided that the best course of action would be to walk up and down the field, immediately turning around at the edge and coming back over and over again. That would have to work. Sadly though, after an hour I still had not found my drone. I gave up. IF I was going to sulk, I was going to do it next to the shore though, so I started walking back over the hill. Then I kicked something. There it was, my drone. My heart jumped with joy. I continued to walk to the shore and three elk ran over the hill to my right. As I looked to my left prairie dogs  skirted across a field along with cottontails. I sat down with the reservoir in front of me.

Have I told you haw much I love California in the spring?


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San Luis Reservoir