Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Death Valley National Park Pt 2 – California

It’s raining in the desert.

A rare occasion that conjures an atmosphere that needs to be experienced. Heavy clouds float overhead, waiting to burst and shower the dry lands with much needed rains. Sparse patches of green sprung out of the fields in the distance, purple wildflowers jut out in between.  I’m constantly switching between dirt paths and paved roads, trying to get to the best overviews, anxiously hoping the storms don’t start drenching me and cause me to get stuck in the mud. Flash floods quickly can become an issue in these areas. Its Death Valley, the hottest place in the United States but today I might as well be on another planet.


I almost expect Marvin the Martian to jump out from behind a rock while I’m hiking, the landscape seems so bleak. Interestingly enough, the park has been used to mimic mars on more than one occasion and also serving as a training ground for pilots of the nearby Edwards Air Force Base. A lucky backcountry hiker can catch a glimpse of those pilots flying through the canyons, defying death at mach 3.

Hiking is the primary form of entertainment, with multiple dunes and trails available for a day or longer. Caution does need to be taken though as temperatures fluctuate greatly while water is sparse. Dehydration is king here so make sure you bring water.


On my way back south, I stopped by the Mojave Airport to take some pics. The windmills and grounded airplanes were a sight to see. The clouds felt like they were sandwiching everything in. A once in a lifetime atmosphere and now a memory I hold dearly.


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Death Valley National Park

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