Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Dwan Light Sanctuary – Las Vegas NM

Do you meditate? I don’t but I have always enjoyed the spirit of what it tries to accomplish. The ability to be able to center ones self is possibly one of the most beneficial skills one can learn. Knowing this, my travels have brought me from nature to temples searching for areas that I can find tranquility. That search has brought me into the mountains outside of Santa Fe New Mexico to the small campus of The United World College, where a room with windows made out of prisms lends a backdrop for one of the most tranquil places I have ever experienced. Welcome to the Dwan Light Sanctuary.


When pulling up to the UWC, signs will point you towards the room, but don’t head there quite yet. Every guest has to stop at the visitor center to get a key. Afterwards though, a short drive will lead you to a small sanctuary. Upon entering, you will be in a single room and depending on where the sun is shining from, and how cloudy of a day it is, you will be greeted by fantastic rainbows scattered around a room. The staggering silence enveloping the room is accompanied by huge reverb tails on any noise made. As an audio engineer, I promptly set up a microphone to get some samples.

It’s hard to describe the ambience of this room. Unparalleled is the best word to come to mind. In fact, I had been here one other time, but the cloud cover prevented me from enjoying it to it’s fullest and I thought about returning constantly until I was able. That feeling resides in me even stronger now that I have been there on a sunny afternoon. It’s hard to not sit for hours, watching the rainbows move as if they were alive.



Closest Supercharger: Las Vegas NM 7.6 mi

2500 N Grand Ave, Las Vegas, NM 87701


Dwan Light Sanctuary

Forest 263 Rd, Las Vegas, NM 87701