Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – The Foggy Gulf Coast Fl

A blanket of fog covered the ocean as I rode along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Once again, I had spent a few weeks exploring the state and had fallen in love even more than before. I’m always amazed at areas that offer extreme diversity and Florida offers in in spades. Wether it be cultural, economical or whatever, you can find all varying degrees of the spectrum in this state. As I thought about this, a yearning came over me to not let it go and I found the closest beach I could to take some more of the beauty in.


I walked along the shore clicking away for what seemed like hours. A pair of brown pelicans looked for their next meal, diving over and over again. Or maybe they were just enjoying themselves. A hint of jealousy arose within me as I imagined being able to fly up into the air and dive over and over again until I was worn out. What a life. I clicked away with my camera for a bit before turning my thoughts onto the beach. Random fishermen stood along the sand, each seemingly having his own area, an unspoken agreement separating the groups. I wondered how often they caught fish, relating my experience to lake fishing off of a dock. Probably not often but I’m sure it was relaxing.


I continued on my journey along the coast and the fog seemed to get deeper and deeper. Buildings would come into view and quickly fade in the distance. Flocks of birds would appear out of nowhere only to be gone a few moments later. A cell tower would get lost in the clouds above it. The entire world seemed to be wrapped in this blanket as if it was a shield protecting us all from something. From what I can’t say but I did feel its warmth and it was breathtaking.



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