Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Sanibel Island FL

The white sands seemed to stretch on forever as a blue horizon reached out in the opposite direction. Flocks of birds hopped around the soft sand, dodging waves as they rolled in. Sounds of laughter mixed with the whooshing of the water, exciting the ears of all that were relaxing on the beach. Piles of white shells formed a border along a fence, too heavy and far from the roaring waves to be pulled back in. I had spent the last few hours relaxing on the shore of Sanibel Island, getting lost in the rhythm of nature, clicking away with my camera to my hearts content. I had ended up here by accident, not paying attention to which lane I was in, suddenly finding myself on a toll bridge which had led me here. A happy accident that I couldn’t be more thankful for.


As I walked up and down the shoreline, the warm sand engulfing my feet, I tried to not be worried about the shoes I had left a mile away at the start of my trek. Time had seemed to slip away and the next thing I knew, the sun looked like it was about to set. The blue sky slowly faded to purple, hues of orange and pink danced about, reflecting off the mirror like surface of the water. I’m always fascinated by the interaction of light, atmosphere and water during sunrise/set. To sit and think about how all these colors are here at all times, and all it takes is a different type of filtering and reflection for us to see them really excites my senses. I decided to forget about my shoes, as the pallet of colors was too great to miss.


As I walked back, I saw a young couple with their newborn enjoying the view as much as I was. The scene was so perfect, I clicked away and afterwards, quickly found the best shot. Introducing myself, I asked for an email I could send the pic to, knowing that it would be the perfect gift for them to remember this moment years from now.
“Oh my gosh that would be wonderful. That picture is amazing. Do we need to pay you?”
Nope, not this time. seeing their smile was enough payment for today. At that point the sun had crossed over to the other side of the world, no longer lighting my way. I had some shoes to go find. I hoped I would be able to find them, in the dark.


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Sanibel Island