Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Wakulla Springs/Harveys Ford Truck Collection – Crawfordville FL

As I drove down the two lane highway, I couldn’t help but notice how blue the sky was. It was mostly hidden behind a dense cover of foliage consisting of more moss than leaves, but every once in a while, that crisp blue broke through and smiled at me. Living in Los Angeles for the past decade, I have become accustomed to a tinge of grey mixed in with that blue, leading to a dull faded sky. The sky today was BLUE! At that point I noticed that I had missed my destination. Rumor had it that there was an old ford truck graveyard along the side of the highway and I was anxious to find it.


I flipped a U and started back making sure not to be distracted this time around. Dirt roads and driveways looked the same with address markers all but nonexistent. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a few rusty cars. I slammed on my brakes screeching to a halt. I had almost passed them again. Laughing to myself, I pulled in and found a line of old ford trucks that nature had taken over. I think little areas like this are so cool; the mortality of mans creations in full sight. As little lizards slithered by, I compared the ancestors to my current technological marvel. So much has changed, but so much has stayed the same. All I could do is take some advice from Frank and accept that “that’s life”.


Realistically though, I could only spend so much time with these cars, and I left to go find Wakulla Springs, where I heard that manatees swim throughout the year. It had been a little chilly lately, and I wasn’t sure if this would affect the chance to see them, but I was  looking forward to it nonetheless. I pulled up and was greeted by the sweet smell of freshly bloomed flowers. Winter still had a grasp on the bigger trees, but the smaller bushes offered a sea of color to excite my senses. Not too far away I could see the spring open up, the sky reflecting perfectly off of the water. A flock of birds flew from tree to tree and as I walked out onto a dock, I searched more manatees.


Eventually, I decided the water was most likely too cold for them. Nevertheless, a visit to a state park is never to be wasted and I set off on a hike into the accompanying forest. One mile turned into two, two into three. The afternoon drifted away as the leaves rustled in the blowing wind. Then out of nowhere I heard a small chirp. A bird. Nut where was it? The forest seemed so huge right now. It chirped again. My ears tuned into the area that it came from, slightly above me and to my left. One more time. Ah there it was, a woodpecker! it was so small I was surprised I had been able to find it. It’s times like these that I am thankful for my training as an audio engineer. After clicking away, the sun began to set. “On to another day.” I said to no one and I walked back to my car.


Closest Supercharger Tallahassee FL 20.8 mi

3528 Thomasville Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32308



Wakulla Springs

465 Wakulla Park Dr. Wakulla Springs FL 32327