Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Southern Louisiana Coast/New Orleans Jazz Museum/Urban South Brewery – New Orleans LA


I think jazz music is one of the most quintessentially American types of music. It partially defines the city of New Orleans. Without it the city would practically become unrecognizable.  Small ensembles play in bars while big bands march through the streets. Sometimes, it can seems as if they are the literal pulse of the community, providing the lifeblood that the city runs on at all hours that it needs it. While spending my time bar hopping and eating throughout the city, I made sure that I stopped by at the local Jazz Museum, to get some insight into the history of this relationship.


Having been in operation since 1961 (although its location has changed multiple times), the Jazz museum is inside the old city mint and sees a rotation of exhibits that focus on the local jazz scene. You won’t come here to learn about The Bird or Dizzy. You’ll be soaking in facts about local legends that you’ve never heard of, those that influenced the hero that you are influenced by! When I was there, I was able to experience two amazing exhibits; one on Louis Prima, the voice of King Louis in the Jungle Book also known as the King of Swing; and one on Professor Longhair, a local legend of a piano player that was prominent in both the original forming of blues in the 20’s, as well as in the 70’s when the annual Jazz Heritage Festival started.


Exhibits are on constant rotation in the museum, so who knows what you will end up experiencing when you visit. You can rest assured that it will be classic New Orleans though, having had some type of significance in the music that we know and love today. To my delight, As I was about to leave, I was informed there was going to be a performance in the auditorium upstairs. Performances usually happen daily and you don’t want to miss them. Carrying on the theme of focusing on local music, the museum features local artists that are prominent today. I was lucky enough to see a small ensemble featuring members of Rebirth Brass Band. Who knows who you will be lucky enough to see.


As this is a blog about traveling in a Tesla, I should take a second to point out that there aren’t any superchargers (currently) in New Orleans. The closest one is in Slidell, about 20 minutes outside of the city. This is no reason to fret though! Urban South Brewery has a destination charger ready for your convenience! As you pull up, the sweet smell of oats fills your nostrils. You might get confused, but as a brewmiester myself, I knew that was the sweet smell of beer being brewed! Make sure you have a designated driver, pull up, charge up, and enjoy yourself for an hour or two. Brewery tours are available if you want one, but the drinking area is right inside of everything so you can see it all from a distance as well. The beer is delicious, they have games available to pass the time, you can’t go wrong!


Closest Destination Charger Urban South Brewery

1645 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70130


New Orleans Jazz Museum:

400 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA 70116