Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – The Alabama Booksmith – Homewood AL

Following my blog, you may guess that I like books. Hint: I do. I think they are a lost art that brought about some of the human races best qualities and helped spread knowledge and equality throughout the world. Mass literacy was a turning point in our societies and things have been much better since, thanks to books. Bookstores though, are dying. With the help of Amazon, the local book store has become all but extinct. Thats why this small store hidden in Homewood AL is so important and also so cool.


What’s really cool about this book store is that all the books are signed by the authors. EVERY SINGLE ONE! What’s even better, is that unless the book qualifies for the stores “rare” section, it is the price that is on the jacket! They carry multiple books ranging from biographies, to classics, to philosophy. Authors include everyone from politicians to Pulitzer Prize winners. It really is a joy of a store that if you want to, you could spend hours getting lost in.


The “rare” section has books ranging from presidents to famous illustrators to musicians. These are definitely collectors items that I would want to come back here. While browsing, I was quite upset that I was traveling and didn’t have space to get any of these books. I’ll definitely be coming back and  stocking up at some point.


Closest Supercharger Birmingham AL 5 mi

913 23rd St N, Birmingham, AL 35203


The Alabama Booksmith

2626 19th Pl S, Homewood, AL 35209