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For fans of American History, and the Revolutionary War in particular, the eastern side of the country hides countless treasures to excite the appetite. What may seem like the average forest or field, often times was the site of a battle that helped mold the direction of the war, and in return, the direction of our country and our lives today. If you keep up with my writing, you will know that I have picked up quite the hobby of searching out these treasures and trying to learn the history behind all of them. That hobby is what brought me to this forest out in South Carolina along the Enoree River known to the locals as Horseshoe Falls.

IMG_0680IMG_0682The year was 1780 and the Revolutionary War had been raging on for years. Down in the forests of  South Carolina, the war had essentially turned into a civil war. With few of the residents ever having seen Great Britain, the battles mostly raged between loyalists and local militia, the Redcoats focusing more on the cities. Late in the summer, after suffering many defeats, the patriots were steadily losing the war and morale was on the downturn.  A garrison of patriot units planned on ambushing a group of equally numbered loyalists but found out that the loyalists had recently received reinforcements, effectively out numbering the patriots 2-1. With no choice but to engage, the patriots used their knowledge of the surrounding forest and planned a gorilla ambush, taking the enemy by surprise and providing a much needed win for the morale of the losing patriots.


Interestingly, a story about the daughter of the owner of the mill on the land made history with the battle as well. On the land is a small waterfall near the river with a cave hidden behind it. Legend has it, that Mary Musgrove found a wounded patriot hiding inside the cave, who stationed himself there to be able to spy on the Loyalists camped nearby. Working in conjunction with Mary, who would bring the information back to the patriots, they were able to provide much needed info that helped win the battle. The validity of the legend is questionable, but was spread in realistic fiction books of the time after the war. No matter, this has lead an exhibit on site about ways women would spy and contribute to the loyalist army, even though they were not allowed to fight in battle.


The site of Musgrove Mill is now a state park with a visitor center and a short (1.5 mi) loop trail. Although the site is quite simple, I highly recommend it for a short afternoon getaway. The river roars through the trees, leading to an amazing combination of swamps and trails. The visitor center invites you in to learn more about the history of the war, and about the local wildlife as well. An eager ranger will be waiting for someone to talk to and will tell you stories until you’re begging them to stop, only if you want to hear them though. I walked the loop and felt quite tranquil in the crisp January air. Lost in thought in the forest, I was already planning my return.


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