Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Cabazon Indio Powwow – Indio CA

It was the day after thanksgiving and I was sitting in Indio California at the annual  Cabazon Indio Powwow. Sounds of the different tribes chants echoed throughout the auditorium as children ran throughout the halls, every single one of them dressed to the nines in their powwow outfits, each one having carefully chosen the regalia adorned on their person.


The tribal elders stood along the edge of the room, watching over the younger generations. Looking stern from a distance, you could see thin smiles grow on their faces as they watched their progeny carry on the traditions of their ancestors.


I sat there trying to take in the immense beauty of it all, as waves of neon colors danced across the room, all connected in a pulsing rhythm created by the beating of drums. It was as if the waves in an ocean were reverberating over and over again until the drums stopped. A few minutes later it would all start again. Thoughts began to flood my mind about the dedication that it has taken for these people to preserve their culture. As hard as I tried to be empathetic, it seemed impossible. The power that came from these people’s beliefs was real though. I could feel it.


As I sat there, hour after hour passed on but I was lost in this trance of color. I took way too many pictures, but at the same time, not enough. There was too much feeling in the room to capture, and I argued with myself over and over about if I could even capture it at all. There seemed too much raw emotion to contain in a picture. So I sat and watched, amazed and lost.


The Powwow goes on for the entire weekend and happens every year. I only stayed for two nights but look forward to coming back again next Thanksgiving to give my thanks to these cultures that helped mold us and continue to flourish under the radar, not forgotten, and still respected.


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When I said I took way too many pictures, I wasn’t joking. Lately, I have been pretty good at cutting down the fluff and getting solid 30 pictures up but I just can’t here. There are too many good ones. I hope you enjoy,


Cabazon Indio Powwow

Every Thanksgiving weekend

84-245 Indio Springs Dr, Indio, CA 92203