Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – The Oregon Coast – OR

I had just crossed into Oregon and I was close to hitting 100,000 miles on my Model 3. I was so ecstatic that I could hardly contain myself. I was going to be the first to reach the milestone, and even though hitting it felt like being the worlds tallest midget, I looked at the odometer with pride. “First in the world.” I kept thinking to myself. I was about to make world history. As I drove down the coast, I couldn’t think of a better place to hit this milestone. Everything surrounding me was absolutely majestic and I watched the miles tick up, closer and closer to the number, as the crisp air filled my lungs.


I passed the milestone somewhere between the Bandon and Lincoln City Superchargers. Usually I would write about places to hang out around there, but the entire time, I didn’t feel any desire to look for specifics. The absolute freedom I felt winding along the coast compared to nothing else I had ever experienced. I would pull over at a random beach, they are everywhere with signs pointing you to parking. The next thing you know, I would be making my way down a path to get to the ocean. And when reached, a feeling of serenity would come over me. I spent hours walking up and down random coastlines, small islands jutting out of the vast ocean in the distance. Hills covered in pines sandwiching me in on the other side.


The smell of ocean filled my nose and it was delightful. I walked around tide pools watching them fill up with water as the day grew on. There was such an abundance of life waiting to be discovered if one would just take the time to look for it. Every once in a while, I would come across a random tent with some one sitting there looking downright happy. I was greeted with smiles as I made eye contact. I knew in that moment, we all felt the same way.


Lincoln City Supercharger

1500 SE East Devils Lake Rd, Lincoln City, OR 97367



Bandon OR Supercharger

120 Michigan Ave NE, Bandon, OR 97411