Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Sleepy Hallow Cemetery – Concord MA

Sleepy Hallow…

The name might conjure images of headless horsemen and Halloween. At least that’s all I thought of when I first discovered that I was close to the town. Little did I know that this was a completely different town than the classic was based on. But in my ignorance, I headed over to the local cemetery expecting to find some local lore but to my surprise found something much more interesting.


I like writing. I don’t feel like I am that good at it, but over the past year, I have had to hone my skills to bring some life to these entries so they aren’t simply pictures. This has led me to rediscovering many of the “classic” authors from our history. Furthermore, since I have been on the road, I have been trying to stop at as many of these authors graves when ever I can. I’ve been to both Kerouac and Twain but today I unknowingly hit the jackpot with what is locally called Authors Ridge.


As you first drive through the cemetery, it seems like your average place of rest. Being on the east coast, it has graves ranging all the way back to before the Revolutionary war. A short walk can have you paying respects to old colonists and soldiers, English settlers and many others. If you follow the signs though you will eventually come to a small hill with a sign pointing down a path. Authors Ridge is right ahead.

All the sudden, the hill opens up to graves covered in journals and pens. Here is Thoreau, there is Emerson. Across the path is Louisa May Alcott and her family. Down a little ways is Nathanial Hawthorn.  If souls are a real thing, then the ghosts of legends haunts these grounds.


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369 Washington Street


Sleepy Hallow Cemetery

Bedford St, Concord, MA 01742