Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Abby Glen Pet Cemetery – Lafayette Township NJ

One of my favorite cult movie is the Stephen King Classic “Pet Cemetery”. Everything about it from the concept to the ending twists is captivating and creepy. A family recently moved to New England, an eerie cemetery dedicated to pets out in the middle of the dark, marsh filled woods, an old neighbor that seemingly knows the ancient secrets… It’s pure gold. But where did the concept of this story come from? Well, I’m not sure if this is the cemetery that it is based on, but today, I found one in New Jersey that quite possibly takes the cake as one of the weirder places that I have been.



Said to be one of the oldest Pet Cemeteries in the country, this graveyard houses the remains of hundreds of pets on a medium sized lot. It is definitely unassuming as it sits behind a house that looks like it could be any old New England property. The cemetery was started in 1918, by a husband and wife duo that probably loved their animals more than anything else. They owned an astonishing 45 dogs, dozens of cats, and over 300 rabbits.


Not being able to find a local burial place for their four legged friends, they decided to make one on their property. Opening it up to the public, they offered many services such as burial, coffin building and photography of the deceased.

Quickly becoming a local quirky spot, celebrities from Atlantic City would bury their pets here. Irving Berlin, Eddie Cantor, and Billie Burke all have pets buried here. Many a showbiz animal as well as K9 unit was given a place of rest here as well.


Today, the cemetery is maintained by the Linwood Historical Society. With 3,800 pets buried here, it is definitely a peaceful place of remembrance. The weeds may be high, and the graves may not be maintained, but an afternoon here is definitely well worth the stop.


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