Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Dick and Jane’s Spot – Ellensburg WA

I had just left the local supercharger and was headed into the neighborhood. The town seemed pretty quiet for a Sunday morning. A couple of people were out riding bikes. A few were working on their yards. Each house looked much like the one right next to it leading to a sense of deja vu. the town seemed not unlike most other towns I had been to throughout my voyage. Suddenly, rainbows of color burst out from a small house on a distant corner. As I get closer,  and saw how eclectic this “art yard” actually was, I laughed to myself and parked next to a sign that said “What is this place?”

“What is this place indeed” I whispered to myself…


Dedicated to the philosophy that “one hearty laugh is worth ten trips to the doctor“, Dick and Janes’s Spot is a local art haven that features the work of over 40 north western artists in a private yard, begging one to take a moment out of their day to relax, laugh, and be inspired. Starting in 1978 with a few sculptures by the owners, the collection has grown for the last 40 years including everything from bottle sculptures to paintings to reflector art. Every corner is jam packed with pieces in both the front and back yards. A sign asks you to respect the fences, but even so, one is able to enjoy everything with a few walks around the perimeter.


As I walked around, I found myself getting lost in the sheer magnitude of pieces. There was so much to see, even though it was all contained in such a small place. Each circle I made I saw something new getting me to continually walk around, looking deep into the corners to find the next laugh. I would love to talk to the artists. It seemed as if each piece would have it’s own story and some seemed downright comical. I would love to hear the interpretations from the artists own mouths, but today I would have to be happy with making my own interpretations up.


After what seemed like no time, but was actually over an hour perusing about, I decided to hop back on the road. That’s when a neighbor saw me taking pictures and came out to start a conversation. “Isn’t it amazing?” a woman asked me. I found it interesting that she enjoyed it so much. Usually, locals don’t appreciate a neighbor adding this much eccentric flair to the block. “Yes it is” I replied and ended up in a conversation with her for an hour about how loved this house was. Eventually, I had to get back on the road and said my goodbyes. I drove away, excited to come back in the future to see how this living “Art Yard” had changed.


Closest Supercharger Ellensburg WA 2 mi

1620 Canyon Rd, Ellensburg, WA 98926


Dick and Jane’s Spot

101 N Pearl St, Ellensburg, WA 98926