Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Niagara Falls – Niagara Falls NY/Canada

Growing up I remember hearing stories of adventurers getting inside of barrels and riding them over the vast waterfalls of Niagara. My imagination would run wild fantasizing about the courage it would take to drop hundreds of feet over a ledge with only a thin wall of wood to protect you and nothing but water to land in. So when I found myself driving along Lake Ontario, I had to take the short detour to see this natural wonder.


As it provides a natural border between the US and Canada, Niagara Falls is split into two vastly different environments for you to enjoy. As I pulled into town, I pulled up to a park along the lake that is operated by the National Park Service. I wandered through green fields, that hugged the humongous falls. The sound of water rushing over the cliff filled the air, while water turned from blue to white as it churned over and through itself. An observation tower reaches out over the lake, giving you an overhead look down into the deep water. As the city is protected by the park service, there isn’t much development, allowing the natural beauty of the area to speak for itself.


And then in the distance, a skyline sits on the Canadian side, offering a major contrast from the protected American park. Bring your passport and take a short walk over the bridge to experience something completely different. You could always drive over, but walking not only skips the traffic, but the bridge over the border provides some of the best views the falls have to offer. From above, you can watch the boats as they explore the depths and see all the falls at once, which isn’t possible from any other area. Once you get over the border, you are greeted by another world that resembles Las Vegas with restaurants and tourist attractions everywhere.


The Canadian side is definitely a party in comparison. Arcades are sandwiched in-between theaters offering shows of all kinds. Hotels tower overhead. Lights shine and blink, enticing you inside buildings to spend your dollars. It’s all a little generic, but fun none the less.


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