Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Uncle Sam’s Grave – Troy NY

I Want You!

The iconic words are engrained in almost every Americans mind, usually accompanied by the picture of an old man wearing a stars and stripes top hat pointing directly at you, eyes staring into your soul. He wants you to join the US Military. It’s Uncle Sam and we all know that his mission is freedom. But who was Uncle Sam? Was he even a real person? Today, I embarked on a voyage to answer that question and learn just a little more about our quirky national history.


Let’s rewind all the way back to the early 1800’s America was a young nation, having just recently won its independence and there was a man named Sam Wilson. Sam was a young meat packer that lived in Troy New York and during the was of 1812, was contracted by the US Military to supply meat to the troops from New York and New Jersey. America was still a pretty small place back then, and many of the troops knew Sam as locals, his reputation preceding him.


When the meat was shipped to the trips, Sam would stamp the crates with US meaning United States, but the troops that knew him claimed it stood for Uncle Sam.

Over time, the legend of that man grew and the Uncle Sam that we is a symbol for us today was born. Sam Wilson died in 1854 and was originally buried in a different cemetery but was reburied here in Troy at Oakwood Cemetery.


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Uncle Sams Grave

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