Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Cross Island Chapel – Oneida NY

When one thinks of New York, they usually think of the City. I know before this voyage, that was my first thought. But being able to explore these forests and hills has really made me realize how vast this state is. Once you leave the big apple, little town hold the joy of discovery and history that you probably never knew existed. Trying to find these gems is what brought me to what claims to be the smallest church in the country. They have another challenger, but I think this one wins. Sitting in the middle of a small pond as well, the ambience brought to the scene of worship is like none other.


The Cross Island Chapel church sits on a dock and is an astounding three feet by six feet and can only fit two or three people inside. When (rarely) services are held, people usually sit in boats outside. A few feet away, sitting on its own rock island, lies a cross, which is most likely the namesake of the church. When I visited, the summer rains had caused different hues of green to explode from every crevice imaginable, lending to the picturesque scene. It may only take a second to stop and see, but the drive and the comical endpoint is well worth it.


Directions (from Atlas Obscura)

Head south toward Oneida from Thruway Exit 33 (Verona). Take a right on Sconondoa Road, which is not quite in town. Go for maybe a mile until Sconondoa Road bends to the left. Don’t go left, go straight on to Mason Road, and immediately slow down. You’ll see the church on the north (right) side.


Closest Supercharger: Syracuse NY

441 Electronics Pkwy, Liverpool, NY 13088


Smallest Church

Oneida, New York, 13421
United States