Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – National Highway Assorted – Maryland

In the forests of Maryland lies the start of the National Road, the first roadway system that stretched from the Potomac to the Ohio River. While the road itself is a beautiful drive, there were a couple of stops on the Maryland side that I have to recommend.



LaVale Toll Gate House

Can you imagine what it would have been like to have rode the Oregon trail? To have set out to find your destiny along with your family, a covered wagon and a couple of oxen. One had no clue what turmoil would lie ahead of them yet each maintained that they felt the calling of destiny to push them forward into the unknown. Here, I found one of the few remaining toll booths that still stands on the original National Highway. Taking a minute and looking at the list of tolls brings humor to my heart. 6 cents for a score of sheep. 12 cents for cattle. 4 cents for an ass. Seems like they would have charged more than 4 cents for drunk uncle Charlie, but I guess the rates are the rates!



LaVale Toll Gate House

National Fwy, Cumberland, MD 21502

The Casselman Bridge 

If you continue down the National Highway, you’ll eventually get to Casselman Bridge. This park provides a great setting to stop and stretch your legs quickly. Although the bridge itself is now a part of a state park, The Casselman River at one time was an obstacle that settlers ranging all the way to George Washington (who was stationed close by at Fort Cumberland).


Eventually, the National highway was built and a bridge needed to be made. David Shriver was given the task and he designed (at the time) the countries largest stone arch. He didn’t expect it to last over a day, but it has thankfully stood the test of time. In the 1930’s, an iron bridge was built along the adjacent route 40, allowing the bridge to be preserved and maintained.

History aside, the park is beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed a small picnic alongside the banks of the river. The bridge is rather large for the size of the river it crosses, but that definitely lends to its charm.


Casselman Bridge

10240 National Pike, Grantsville, MD 21536