Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Martha’s Vineyard MA

The name conjures up images of wealthy estates yachts but as I step onto the ferry with about 200 other tourists, all eager to get on our way, the feeling of extravagance is nowhere to be found. Instead, I sit and watch families take pictures with each other and small children point off to the horizon in wonder. Martha’s Vineyard is in the distance and everyone is ready to get there as quick as they can.



As we pull in to the harbor, all I can do is feel like one of those children, my senses try to take in all that surrounds me. I step off the ferry and am greeted by a bright green field of grass. A lone gazebo stands in the middle while children run around with kites. The sound of laughter fills the air. Surrounding the field are the infamous “Gingerbread Houses” that have lended themselves to the backdrop of many a photo.


Even though it is easy to spend your day right there, not 500 ft from where you got off the ferry, the town opens up directly across the street. Restaurants and bars a plenty, the tight streets offer delicious morsels of joy at every opportunity. as we are on an island, there is seafood a plenty and I would recommend that you eat to your hearts content.


But the real joys open up when you start to explore the neighborhoods and coast surrounding the town. Sidewalks offer access to almost every corner and bike rentals are plentiful. Take some time to yourself and discover a small path, or a hidden beach. only you can determine how far you want to go, but the further you go, the more this world opens up.


At first, this was just going to be a day trip for myself that I was not going to feature here, but to my surprise, I noticed a Tesla Destination Charger in the parking lot of the Park & Ride Ferry. How amazing. You can plug in, and when you return after a full day of relaxation, your car will be fully charged. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about it beforehand so I was not as lucky.


Closest Destination Charger

Martha’s Vineyard Park & Ride Steamship Authority

Palmer Avenue Lot
286 Palmer Avenue
Falmouth, MA 02540