Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – New York City – New York

Ah the big apple. The belly of the beast. I’ve been wanting to come here for years. There is so much to do here, it’s almost over whelming. The skyscrapers tower over you as traffic comes from every direction. That’s where autopilot becomes key. I spent most of one day deciding to see if I could push the software to its pilots using it in the city. I was thoroughly surprised by how well it worked the entire time. I obviously had to pay attention for stoplights and stop signs, but it navigates through traffic flawlessly for hours, passing cars when needed, being aware of bikes and pedestrians in the street. If this was a Turing test, I’d say it passed with flying colors.


Other than that, I kept my car mostly parked and walked or used the subway. Most Supercharger locations are in parking garages where you have to pay exhorbinate prices to use. It’s really not worth it. Traffic sucks and it takes forever to drive anywhere. Also, walking around is half the fun. The city is truly a melting pot of cultures. I was surprised to find everyone I met extremely friendly as New Yorkers often get a bad wrap. I made new friends around every corner, Sharing meals and swapping stories about my travels.


I usually don’t talk to much about restaurants, but I’m a bit of a closet foodie and I have to say I ate two of the most magnificent things to ever grave my pallet while I was in town. The first was the burger at Emily’s. I don’t even know how to describe it but it’s hands down the best burger I’ve ever eaten, and I don’t mess around with bad burgers. This thing was absolutely incredible. Go get it.


The second thing is the cheese shell taco at Los Tacos #1 in the Chelsea Market. If there is a king of street food, this magical morsel takes the crown. Imagine a tortilla made by frying cheese on the griddle until it’s crispy enough on the outside to hold food, but still gooey and cheesy inside. Then fill it with your favorite taco fillings and welcome to taste bud heaven.


I can’t wait to come back here. Next time I hope to it just be passing through, or maybe to stay at an Airbnb with a destination charger. But until then I will dream of my return.


Closest Supercharger: DON’T PLAN TO USE ONE IN THE CITY!!!!