Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Pez Visitor Center – Orange CT

Do you like Pez? Yes, those little bite sized pieces of sugar that pop out of the mouths of characters from our childhood. Or should I call them bite sized pieces of joy? You might never guess, but collectors around the world are obsessed with these little toys. In fact, sets of vintage Pez Dispensers can rake in thousands of dollars on eBay. I know. Crazy. So when I heard that there was an official visitor center hidden in the small town of Orange Connecticut, I knew it was something I wanted to check out.


Upon arrival, the center seems a bit unassuming. A windowless building has a single giant Pez sleeve above a single door. It feels more like a warehouse than a visitor center and without a sign pointing you towards your destination, you would probably pass it by. But as soon as you enter the room, the world changes and you’re transported into a world of nostalgia.


Immediately after entering the giant room, you are greeted by a giant Pez machine to set the mood. The walls tell the history of this beloved candy from decade to decade. Interestingly, it was created as a peppermint way back in 1927 by Eduard Haas III. Though the company didn’t really take off until 1948 when the iconic dispenser was created. In 1952, it made its way to the states where fruit flavors were added to entice children and the heads on top of the dispensary were added. The very first dispensers were a Full-body Santa, Robot, and Space Gun.


Throughout the middle of the room lie case after case filled with any dispenser you can imagine. Every theme from cars to Disney has its own case. Accompanying the dispensers are old promotions such as cereal team ups or other ads. And then along the back wall is the gem of the place, a glassed off area where Pez orders are filled and you can see the candy sorters in action. Take a minute to watch and wave as they work away as if it’s Santa’s Workshop.


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PEZ Visitor Center

35 Prindle Hill Rd, Orange, CT 06477