Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Acadia National Park – Bar Harbor ME

How do you describe one of the most amazing experiences of your life? What words does one choose to express the emotions that they felt as their world opened up in awe inspiring ways after every curve, after every turn. That is the struggle I am having writing about Acadia National Park.


As soon as I started driving up the coast of Maine, I knew that something special was coming. Hugging the coastal forests while being sandwiched by The Atlantic Ocean, a feeling of pure joy slowly came over me as I drew closer and closer. I guess it helps, that by driving up, I was able to go through little towns where lobster was as cheap as $5 a pound. My stomach was full of butter and shell fish, small coastal islands dotted the horizon. I can’t really explain the feeling.


Once I got the the park and started driving around, I would find wide open cliffs to hike around. Every once in a while a lighthouse would appear along the rocky shore, providing a lifeline for centuries. Small sandy beaches opened up in coves protected from the roaring seas. The sound of waves crashing against the rocks accompanied a sunset that can only be described as transcendent.


Talking about Acadia can’t be complete without talking about the coastal town of Bar Harbor. This town and the park have a symbiotic relationship. Located right on the coast, it is pack full of everything you could ask for from a coastal town. The harbor offers amazing views for you to sit down and soak in. Parks dot random corners, begging you to take a second and sit down, forgetting about your troubles just for a moment. Lobster is plentiful and I can’t think of anyone that would complain about that.



But honestly, one of many favorite parts about the area was simply driving around. It can bring hours of discovery and you never know what you might discover around the next bend. Surrender a moment to take it all in. The sailboats on the sea. The birds flying in the air, squawking to their hearts content. The random person up on a hill painting a landscape. The Blues Brothers watching over a local water station.  Every turn is a new discovery. Every curve is a new adventure.


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Acadia National Park