Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Cherry Point Farm and Market – Shelby MI

My entire life, I have had a mild fascination with mazes. Along with puzzles, they offered a quick challenge for my mind to overcome. Proving to myself that I can quickly analyze something, and figure it out has always lead to a brief, yet overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. This has lead to an ever returning desire to find a life sized labyrinth to get get lost in. Can I figure out the maze when I am inside it? So when I found out that there was a labyrinth made out of lavender hidden on the outskirts of Lake Michigan, so large that it can be seen from orbit, I jumped at the opportunity to go. Unfortunately, as I got closer to the location and the week the flowers bloomed, I discovered that the labyrinth had been killed by the previous winters “polar vortex” and had to be entirely replanted. Feeling distraught, I almost didn’t go, assuming that the place wouldn’t be worth it. Boy was I wrong.


As I pulled up, I could see where the labyrinth had once been. There were a few plants here and there, but mostly just dirt, the evidence of the recent replanting apparent. I could see that the “inner circle” of plants that was reached by going through the labyrinth had survived and was in full bloom. More interestingly though, I saw a crowd starting to gather and a sign that said “Gather for fish boil here”. With my curiosity peaked, I parked and went to explore.


Right at the entrance is a small store that sells produce and lavender goods of all kinds. The smell inside this place is amazing. The sweet lavender pierces your senses and automatically leads to a sense of relaxation. They sell everything from soaps and lotions, to posters and pictures. I succumbed to the temptation and bought some soaps. I’ve been quite surprised how happy I ended up being with those purchases over the next couple of months. But that’s not what I was there for, so I set off into the inner circle.


There were flowers everywhere. I am not very educated on the different botanical varieties that were there, but I can say that they were all blooming and beautiful. Bees and butterflies were rampant, buzzing from one flower to the next, sipping up nectar to their hearts content. Btw, do insects have hearts? Thats a question for another day. I spent at least an hour getting personal with these bugs, and then saw a crowd starting to gather at the fish boil sign.



So it just happens that I arrived on the perfect day at the perfect time. Every week during season, there is a traditional fish boil that everyone is invited to buy a ticket for. IT is as much a show as a meal. A pot of water is set on a fire and slowly heats up until it is cooking temp. The fish is then placed over the water on grates to allow the steam to cook it. At the very end, the fire is stoked to provide giant flames, engulfing the entire area it heat and smoke. It’s an awesome sight. I mean, fire is just so cool.

After a plate of delicious whitefish, I decided it was time to go. I asked how long it would take for the lavender to return and they said 5 years to get back to its full growth. I guess a return trip is in the cards to experience this place in it’s full glory.

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