Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – The Golden Fleece – Dover DE

As I drove down the narrow streets, the history seems so thick in the air that I could practically feel it.  Cobblestone pattered the roads. Old brick buildings towered over the paths that ran through the downtown. American flags were abundant; the pride blatantly flowing through every fiber of this town. I was on my way to the Golden Fleece Tavern in Dover Delaware.


Let’s rewind back to the mid 18th Century. The colonies are still owned by the British Empire and revolution is brewing. The citizens were (rightfully) frustrated by a government that was located thousands of miles away, across a vast ocean. How can a group so far, fully understand what life is like, and therefore offer a reasonable government? This was the question that was often asked between people that were drinking at the local pub. These pubs then came to be the meeting grounds for the revolution that followed. In Dover Delaware, that pub was The Golden Fleece.


After the revolution, a new government needed to be created, and the colonies all had different views on how to do this. After Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John jay released “The Federalist Papers”, the states wrote The Constitution of the United States of America and commenced on the path to get all of the states to ratify it into law. It is here (The Golden Fleece) that the first signature was given, making Delaware the colony to officially become a state.


The original Golden Fleece shut down in 1830 and is no longer operating, but have no fear, another was rebuilt and today can be visited by anyone wanted to walk the road of our fathers. The town is more enjoyable than the tavern in my opinion, and a whole day can be spent walking around, appreciating the architecture, and soaking in the history.

IMG_1690IMG_1679Closest Supercharger: Dover DE 3 mi

2800 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901


The Golden Fleece Tavern

132 Loockerman St, Dover, DE 19904