Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – National Bird Dog Museum – Grand Junction TN

A man is a dog’s best friend. I typed that wrong, but it is right at the same time. Over and over throughout time, this bond has been shown to be true. One area that this shines through and through, but is often overlooked, is in the sport of fowl hunting. Entire breeds have been meticulously bred to create retrievers, and pointers for the purpose of, well, retrieving and pointing. Hidden in the depths of Tennessee, is a museum dedicated to these dogs.IMG_0938IMG_0931


The National Bird Dog Museum is dedicated to the champions of the annual National Dog Competitions and houses a repository of art, photography, and memorabilia about field trials, shooting sports, and over forty breeds of bird dogs. Each room is filled statues and portraits dedicated to the winners of the National Competitions for each breed.


No matter what your opinion on hunting, all I could feel inside of this museum was a sense of awe for the relationship and training that these dogs and owners must have with each other. Nothing can describe the bond that is created between pet and animal. We all feel it when we get one, and just like with a child and parent, as the dog learns from the human, the bond grows deeper and deeper. To be able to win a National Championship takes lots of training. These bonds are unbreakable and that inspires me.

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National Bird Dog Museum

505 TN-57, Grand Junction, TN 38039