Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Wall Drug – Wall SD

While traveling through the midwest, out in Oklahoma, I realized that I am either a descendant of Wild Bill Hickok, or pretty soon in the future, I invent a time machine and go back to become Wild Bill. This realization spurred an adventure into South Dakota to learn about his (my) roots. So I promptly downloaded a biography about him and after hitting the Black Hills where he was sheriff, I headed through the plains and badlands and ended up in the small town of Wall. It is here that I completed my transformation.


Wall is literally in the middle of nowhere. A small town that pops out of the emptiness, it offers reprieve in the form of food, gas, and charge. When first arriving, it seemed like it wasn’t much more than a Wild West clothing store. That’s exactly what I needed though. I spent some time finding the perfect hat and buckskin and then went of to explore the rest of the store.

What I found amazed me.


There was literally a Wild West wonderland out back waiting to be explored. There was a saloon with a card game going on out back. One of the men was cheating, and another was being held up under the table at gunpoint. A T-rex was caged behind a fence. Jackalopes lounged around outback. And the halls were filled with relics from the past.

I felt as if I had come home, or found myself. I’m not sure which one, but I do know that Wild Bill is certainly a part of me now.


Closest Supercharger Wall

City of Wall Main Street Parking Lot 418 Main Street Wall, SD 57790



Wall Drug

510 Main St, Wall, SD 57790