Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Pink Elephant Antique Store – Livingston IL

If you’re taking a trip across the country, you are bound to spend some time on Route 66. In fact, my original “proof of concept” for this voyage was a trip exploring some of it out in the deserts of California. Today though, I traveled south of Chicago into the depths of Illinois to find an old antique store located off of this iconic roadway.


If you’re traveling here from the north, you’re sure to have been driving through field after field of corn. After hour three, the scenery starts to blend into itself, and if it wasn’t for the random gas station popping out here and there, you may feel like you were driving down an extended loop in the Twilight Zone. Suddenly, out of the golden background pops out a giant pink elephant. Being immediately overwhelmed by the gaudiness of the attraction, I couldn’t help but pull over and find out more.


I had heard about this store from random websites as I had been researching the area. Most times, antique stores in the middle of nowhere are simply dusty warehouses, unsorted and filled with old furniture and rusty tools. Knowing that I hadn’t planned on stopping at this one, assuming that it would be like that other 99%. Maybe it was my yearning for a soft serve cone that got me to stop, but I’m glad I did.


As soon as I entered, I was greeted by a beaming staff member, and more importantly, a clean and well sorted store! There was everything here. I mean EVERYTHING! Old toys, check. Vintage clothing, check. Unique furniture, check. 8 track tapes? CHECK!

Hours can seriously be spent searching through the nooks and crannies of this place.


Closest Supercharger Mehlville Missouri

18 S County Center Way
Mehlville, MO 63129


Pink Elephant Antique Mall

908 Veterans Memorial Dr, Livingston, IL 62058