Tesla Model Maiden Voyage – Al Green’s Full Gospel Tabernacle Church – Memphis TN

Back in 1972, at the height of the age of soul, Al Green was on top of the world. I’m Still In Love With You had taken the world by storm. With hit after hit coming from the album, and sold out shows across the country, it would seem that nothing could knock him down from his pedestal. That is, until God sent a message to him through his girlfriend.

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Enter Mary Woodson. As the story goes, she was a young woman that had left her family to be with Green. They were living together in his home in Memphis, when one night while Green was showering, Woodsoon ripped the curtain open, and unleashed a pot of boiling grits onto Green, covering him in third degree burns. She then shot and killed herself.


So, Green devoted himself to god. After he had healed, he bought the Full Gospel Tabernacle church in Memphis, and has been leading services there until this day. Service is on Sundays at 11:30 am, and is open to the public. The crowd is a mixture of parishioners and fans of Green’s music. Don’t expect to see Al Green sing, he limits himself to an hour long sermon and leaves the music to the choir and band, but let me tell you. This band is kicking. I could sit and listen to them play all day!

As this was a church service, I refrained from taking too many pictures, but this is a must stop for anyone in Memphis on a Sunday!


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Full Gospel Tabernacle Church

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