Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – The Golden Hotel – Golden CO


I’m on the outskirts of Denver CO, where the plains meet the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Fall is just starting to take over and different hues of yellow are beginning to overtake the foliage. A light dusting of snow kisses the top of the mountains. Being outside of the city takes me away from the nearest supercharger and into Golden CO, the home of Red Rocks Amphitheater and Coors Brewery. Hidden at the Golden Hotel, is a Level 2 Destination Charger, available for anyone grabbing a bite to eat at their restaurant, or staying for the evening.


The entire atmosphere of The Golden Hotel is warm and inviting. Think Wild West meets modern chic. As soon as you enter the lobby, you are greeted by statues of buffalo, big, comfy, leather couches, and artwork commissioned by local artists and photographers. Warm browns and oranges accent the furniture, contributing to the Wild West/Mountain feel.


The rooms are huge, offering an ambience that makes it hard to go out and explore. The beds are as soft as clouds, and you sink into the couches as soon as you sit down. So in other words I don’t recommend laying down until your ready to stay in!



My favorite part of the hotel is its dedication to sustainability/reusability.  In addition to the Tesla charger, they have a bunch of solar and try to use it for the majority of the hotels power needs. Really cool feature, they have displays in the lobby showing how much co2 they have saved in real time. It doesn’t stop there though. It’s always the details that matter right? Well they definitely have those covered down to refilled soaps and shampoos to save plastic, and separate trash and recycling throughout the entire building.

All in all, I can’t think of anything negative to say, which is rare for me! I’m definitely going to come back here whenever I’m in the area!

The Golden Hotel Solar Monitor.jpgIMG_7162


The Golden Hotel

800 11th St, Golden, CO 80401