Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden – Fountain City WI

I don’t know if I will ever get tired of sculpture gardens. Each one is so unique, a remnant of a communities artists, left throughout time to become one with the area. Today’s voyage brought me to one hidden in the fields of Wisconsin, nestled up next to the Mississippi River. Prairie Moon is a fantastical park begging to be discovered.


As I searched for Prairie Moon, surrounded by endless fields, a mixture of golden grains and green grasses greeted me. Small streams ran along the side of the road, escaping off into the distance and then reappearing again miles later. Small groves of trees grew along those streams, leeching off as much nutrients as they could from the water and the ecosystems they created in conjunction with each other. Everything is flat and the horizon is forever off in the distance.


Every once in a while, a building will appear. Mostly old farms, overtaken by the elements and slowly decaying. Yet there is a serene feeling that even though there is not much out here, the little gems that are, are hidden and begging to be discovered. All of the sudden a barn like building appears in the distance. As I come closer The words Prairie Moon start to appear on the side and small statues come into focus, dotting the surrounding field.


I park my car next to a well maintained garden. The flowers are blooming and life is abundant. Bees buzz from flower to flower, lapping up the nectar to take home to make their honey. Right behind the garden, and alongside the barn, are a series of well maintained sculptures. These sculptures depict a vast array of things including a castle turret, decorative fences, a man fighting a bear, and the list goes on.


Prairie Moon was originally created by Herman Rusch, a local farmer that needed something to keep his mind on track while he was retired and suffering from dementia. This is his legacy that he left for us. After his death, the property was donated to the town of Milton and the Kohler Foundation takes care of it from day to day.

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2845 Midwest Dr, Onalaska, WI 54650


Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden

52727 Prairie Moon Rd, Fountain City, WI 54629