Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Wakodahatchee Wetlands – Delray FL

Every once in a while, a disappointment can turn into something amazing. I had planned on going to the Morakami Museum and was thoroughly excited as I had heard so much about it. As I walked up to the gate, I was informed that they were closing for the day and not open again for another two. With my hopes dashed, I hopped on Google to try to find something nearby to make this trip not such of a waste. That’s how I found one of the most amazing nature preserves I’ve ever been to.


Once you start down the boardwalk at the wetlands, you are immediately greeted by dozens of birds flying overhead from tree to tree. A boardwalk guides you along the swamp, with water covering every inch of the ground. The first half a mile is filled with photographers trying to get the perfect picture. Walk a little further and the park really starts to open up.


The entire loop wrapping around the park is about a mile and a half and I would suggest walking the entire thing. The further out you get, the more diversity of life you will see. Different species of birds mingle along with each other, looking for their evening meal. If you can get there at sunset, rainbows of color will paint the sky. This place is a must stop.

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IMG_7830IMG_7831IMG_7835IMG_7842IMG_7843Wakodahatchee Wetlands

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