Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – The Grave of John Dillinger – Indianapolis IN

Indianapolis isn’t known for much. If I’m being completely honest, after the Indy 500, not much comes to mind personally. So when I found out that a small cemetery hidden on the outskirts of the city held one of Americas most infamous gangsters, I was thoroughly intrigued and excited to add it on my list of noteworthy gravesites.

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John Dillinger is primarily famous for robbing 24 banks during the depression. Being decently attractive with a charming personality led him to being dubbed a Robin Hood-esque criminal by the media which led to an infatuation by none other than J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover used Dillingers reputation to help grow the Bureau of Investigation into the Federal Bureau of Investigation which we are familiar with today.

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My favorite part about his story is the fact that he escaped jail twice, even going as far as getting plastic surgery the second time to help conceal his identity. He ended up being betrayed by an informant and killed by police when they tried to apprehend him.


The gravesite is quaint and simple but the cemetery is beautiful. While I was there, I saw multiple groups of deer grazing along the gravestones, which brought a serene aura to the area. I just heard that Dillingers family is going to have the body exhumed for some reason. Maybe it isn’t really him? Stay Tuned!


Closest Supercharger: Indianapolis 12 mi

5120 Victory Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46203


Crown Hill Funeral Home and Cemetery

700 38th St, Indianapolis, IN 46208