Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Wynwood Walls – Miami FL

I was hanging out in Key West, with an older couple before I headed down to Miami. While sitting in their posh house, located in a private community, thinking about how stepping foot into their universe had brought on feelings of boujiness and anxiety. I was having trouble connecting to any conversation that they started, so I switched the subject to things to do in Miami. All of the sudden, they started talking about buildings covered in beautiful graffiti. I quickly stopped my jaw from dropping to the floor and became interested. If this couple was fascinated with the art, then it must be exceptional. This is how I found myself headed to Wynwood Walls.



What was once a collection of aging warehouses has been transformed into what founder Tony Goldman calls “a cultural oasis.” Local artists have overtaken the neighborhood, covering the entirety of it in graffiti. The end result is nothing short of spectacular.


Closest Supercharger Miami Fl 1.2 mi

90 NE 41st St, Miami, FL 33137


Wynwood Walls

2520 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127