Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Fern Canyon – The Redwoods CA

Going to the California Redwoods always seems like entering a dreamland. Being surrounded by some of the tallest trees in the world, literally makes me feel like I am Rick Moranis ion Honey I Shrunk The Kids.  Driving through the streets of the forest are a surreal experience, but the adventure really opens up once you get off the road and start exploring the interior of the parks, which is what led me to find Ferns Canyon.


Imagine being teleported to Jurassic Park. The lush green forests run rampant around you. Animals run wild. This is their territory, not yours and you can tell by the way they graze. As you cruise down the windy road, you twist and turn, with the ocean on the west and the forest on the east. Sometimes you can see the water. At parts all there is is dense forest.

All of a sudden I come upon a stream that runs across the road and is at the  bottom of a small hill of rocks. There is a parking area with other cars and a sign that states the canyon is a mile walk away. Then I see a pickup drive down the hill and through the stream. The water only went about halfway up his tires. “Can I make it?” I thought to myself. I always have trouble deciding how much I should risk in situations like this. Do I risk getting stuck?


I decided that pushing the supercharger network to it’s limits included pushing the car to it’s limits as well. I crossed my fingers and took off. As soon as I went over the edge I heard a sharp bang and started to regret my decision, but I was in it now so I hit the accelerator and plowed through. As I came up the other side I let a sigh of relief out and went outside to see if that bang had been damage. Luckily, I escaped without hurting Wylie. I will say though, if you have a Model 3 Performance, you most likely will not have the room to make it. If you have an S, raise your suspension as much as you can.



Getting to the end of the road is well worth it. You suddenly come upon a stream running through a canyon. The entire canyon is covered in ferns, creating an environment that can only be experienced. There are a few paths, but most of the area is simply open for you to explore. If you are adventurous, throw some flip flops on and pull up your pant and walk down the stream to discover a side of California that few know exists.


Closest Supercharger Eureka CA

3300 Broadway St, Eureka, CA 95501


Fern Canyon

California 95555