Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – This is the Place Heritage Park – Salt Lake City UT

“This is the Place” I ironically said to myself as I pulled up to the city park. It was noon on a Thursday in the spring so I hadn’t expected much of a crowd, but the lot was overflowing. I parked at the bottom of the hill the park was on, and apprehensively started my walk up, not knowing what to expect.IMG_2178


The park had been built to commemorate where Brigham Young had stopped, and decided to build Salt Lake City, after trekking across the west with his band of Later Day Saints. All I really knew, was that there was a statue of him at the top of the hill. I really couldn’t understand why this place was so busy.

As I walked around the parking lot, I found a service road that looked like it lead somewhere so I followed it, winding up and around the back of the hill.



I really didn’t expect what I came upon. After a small walk, was an entire replication of a Mormon settlers village. You had everything here. A schoolhouse, a blacksmith, a carpenter, a church, a farm. There was building after building of replicas, and all around were children running around and playing. I could suddenly see why the parking lot was so packed.


I walked over to the farm area that was flooded with kids enjoying the petting zoo. There were goats to pet, chicks to hold, and ponies to ride. The sheer amount of joy on every child’s face was inspiring. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a group of adults smiling that much, even when they say they are having fun.


I walked over to the center of the town and meandered through the buildings, sitting in on a school lesson, saying hi to the barber, and feeling strangely content. I guess it was time to go check out that statue though. As I walked towards it, I realized that I had bypassed a ticked purchase area by taking the service road in. Oh well. Now I know, and knowing is half the battle.


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This is the Place Heritage Park

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